Are you dealing with sewage problems?

September 21st, 2018

Homeowners often do not think about the plumbing in their home until there is a problem. When a pipe breaks, or your sink backs up ,you have a problem with a need for an immediate solution. What many homeowners do not realize is that plumbers are not just people that fix clogged drains. Plumbers are skilled tradesmen and they can specialize in many different areas. Plumbing work can range from repairing or replacing supply lines, cleaning sewer lines, the installation of a new shower and even gas line work.

Store bought drain-cleaning products can only go so far in clearing clogged drains. They can also sometimes be dangerous for homeowners to use. If you have a serious problem, you need the help of a professional. Professional plumbing contractors may able to provide video camera inspections of your sewage system. This can be extremely helpful in determining what is causing a slow or clogged drain and the exact location of the problem. Many homeowners and even plumbers may assume that the cause of sewage back up in a home is due to a tree over the sewer line.

Tree roots can cause blockage but this is not always the problem. A video inspection of your drain lines can give you an accurate picture of the problem before you take drastic measures in unclogging your lines. This type of inspection can also rule out broken pipes under concrete or pinpoint the exact location of the break. Before you have anyone tear up concrete or landscaping have your lines inspected with a video camera. It will end up being much less expensive to only tear up around the area where the break is instead of what could end up as a hit or miss attempt at locating the problem.

When you are working with a professional plumbing contractor, they should also be willing to provide you with information on ways to prevent the same type of problems from reoccurring. No matter what is causing your sewer lines to back up a good plumber will be able to tell you how to reduce or eliminate the problem.

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