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Get a Plumbing Inspection before Buying a New Home

December 23rd, 2020

Professional plumbing inspect your future homThere are a lot of things to consider before buying a new home since this purchase in itself is a great investment. Besides, your home will probably last for a lifetime, that’s why the process of dealing with various prior arrangements should not be taken lightly. There is no need to rush into things – you should know beforehand what you are getting, because in the long run a safe, stable property is all that matters. That’s why plumbing inspection of a prospective home is extremely important.

Norwalk Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning recommends having a professional inspect your future home, because the professional plumbers are familiar with the procedure and will be aware of common problems found in your soon-to-be home. They may find issues that you overlooked, and such a check-up could save you a bunch of money and hassle in time ahead.

When deciding whether you need the plumbing inspection for your future home, consider the following procedures involved in the process.
The Water Heater Inspection

The water heater operates well for ten years on the average. If the water heater is incorporated into the home heating system, this period of service shortens. A leaking heater endangers hardwood floors, carpets, and drywall in an upgraded basement and might result in an expensive mess. A knowledgeable plumber can tell you the age and condition of the water heater as well as confirm or refute its proper operation. It is also easy for him to determine if the unit is undersized for the home.

Testing the Toilet and Floors for Hidden Leaks

It’s also important to check both the toilets and floors for hidden leaks. Sometimes previous homeowners have no clue that such leaks exist. But there are also those who intentionally install new flooring to hide significant water damage and increase their home value.

A toilet should be steadfast and not wiggle back and forth. If it does, this points out to the seal or flange damage. A plumber would know exactly where to find leaks and marks of water damage around a toilet.

Checking for Discolored Water in the Pipes

A plumbing inspector will run water throughout the entire home to make sure that the water coming out of the pipes is clear. If the water is discolored, he will investigate and explain the phenomenon. Sometimes after the local city services worked on water lines, the water gets discolored temporarily and clears in a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t, your plumber will examine your pipes to discover possible contamination sources and come up with the plumbing solutions to fix them.

Lead Pipes Treachery

Any home that was built before 1998 might contain lead pipes. Lead is a famous environmental pollutant and potentially dangerous for small children. Sometimes plumbing repairs could be performed with PVC pipes, making it look as though all the plumbing has been upgraded but in fact it still contains parts of lead pipes. Have a pro inspect your potential new home to discover the presence of lead pipes.

Sewer Line Checkup

Sewer line should be thoroughly checked using video drain line inspection. In that case it will be completely examined and if there are any problems hidden inside, they will inevitably come into light. Before purchasing a new home, confirm that a sewage backup isn’t something that you should expect soon.

Check the Shut off Valve

There should be the main shut off valve that turns off the water to every faucet in the house. However, it the shut off valve isn’t patched into the system correctly, the valve might not operate properly. Do a simple check-up – turn off the main shut off valve and turn on all the taps at home. If the water isn’t running from the faucets, be calm. If it is running or dripping, have a professional plumber deal with the issue.

If you do not wish your dream home to turn into a nightmare, have it inspected by a licensed and skilled plumber before buying it. At Norwalk Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning our plumbers can perform the entire plumbing inspection of a prospective home, so that you would rest assured to not have buyer’s remorse over your purchase later.

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