Hiring a Plumber

November 9th, 2017


It has happened – you have purchased your home and now you are searching for the right contractors to use when you need help with repairs, replacements and even remodeling.  If you are searching for a plumbing contractor for simple leaks, repairs or for major renovation on your kitchen or bath, we can help make sure you find the plumber who is right for you.  There are only five (5) things you need to request to determine the skills of any potential plumber you are considering hiring:

1.    Experience: Does the plumber you are considering hiring have a broad base of prior experience to draw on that will be helpful to you?  Finding a plumber with the right level of experience means you will have far less to worry about when you need them to complete a job for you.

2.  Estimates – Find out before you need a plumber if they are willing to provide an estimate when you are in the process of deciding whether to hire a plumber.  Nearly all plumbers will be willing to provide you with an estimate when you are trying to decide if a specific job is in your budget.

3.  License/Insurance – Before you hire a plumber, you will want to make sure that the plumber is in full compliance with all licensing and insurance regulations in California. By asking for this information before you need to decide on the right plumber, this will be one worry you will not have when it is actually time to do a job.

4.  References – Since you are only shopping for a plumber to be able to call when you do have a problem or need a renovation job done, it is helpful to talk to a variety of clients who have had different types of work done by the plumber you are considering. This will let you know up-front just what level of experience and quality you can expect!

5.  Fee Schedules – Why leave it to chance?  Most plumbers will happily provide you with a typical fee schedule so that you can determine up front what the potential costs are (in addition to asking for an estimate).  A written fee schedule can help you easily identify basic costs such as hourly rate for labor, markups on parts, etc.  A fee schedule should never take the place of a full estimate and do not forget that they are subject to change!

Having the time to find the right plumber before you have a plumbing emergency means that you will be assured of great service at a price you can afford. Take the time to find a plumbing contractor who is able to fill not only your short term but also your long term plumbing needs.

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