Make the Right Choice

November 9th, 2017

If you are in need of a plumber whether it is for remodeling or repair work there are some things you can do to make sure you get the right plumber for the job.  Here is how you can find the right plumber to complete your plumbing work in your home or your office.

1.  Make sure the plumber you hire is properly licensed in the State of California.  Unfortunately many contractors are not licensed and as a result you may find yourself with shoddy work and no recourse since you did not take the time to determine if they were licensed.

2.  Make sure that the plumber you are considering hiring has the experience they need to successfully complete your job.  While most plumbers have a broad range of experience, it would not do you much good to hire a plumber to repair a hot water heater to find out they have never repaired one before!

3.  When you and the plumber meet to discuss the scope of the work you need done, make sure you ask for a written estimate.  While an estimate is not a solid guarantee of the total cost of your project it can provide you with insight into what the scope of your needs are.

4.  Don’t hesitate to discuss the work of the plumber that you are hiring with others who have hired them in the past.  Nearly every plumbing contractor has clients who are willing to be used as a reference.  Find a past job that is similar in nature to yours for a real overview on the work they do.

5.  Finally (and not least) you want to know how your plumbing contractor bills.  Some plumbers have a fee schedule and will be more than please to let you know up front how they bill their hours.  Do not run the risk of discovering later on that the parts that your plumber supplied have a 30% markup!  Ask up front about their standard costs.

Combining these important points into your initial discussions with a plumber you’re considering hiring will help provide you a basis to make a decision based on facts.  Make sure your plumbing experience is a positive and upbeat one by doing your homework first!

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