Reasons You May Need an Emergency Plumber

December 23rd, 2020

Reasons You May Need an Emergency Plumber

Calling Emergency PlumberUsually, most people’s plumbing systems function properly. However, there are times when you may encounter a serious problem that requires the assistance of an emergency plumber. Never be embarrassed by your plumbing problems, and make sure not to wait too long before you call in the help you need. Below are common reasons you may need plumbing services for your shower, tub, toilet, or sink, even at odd hours of the night.

Shower drain stoppage

This commonly occurs from hair and soap scum collecting in the pipes that drain the water from your shower. The hair balls up and prevents the water from being able to properly drain out. This leads to your shower filling up with water backing up in your shower while it is in use. The issue, if left unresolved, can lead to your shower not even draining at all.

Toilet clogs

A toilet clog occurs when something becomes lodged in the pipes that run from your toilet to the sewage system. While using too much toilet paper and other regular toilet functions can lead to clogs, they can definitely be caused by many things completely unrelated to the actual function of your toilet. Children often drop toys in the toilet to watch them ‘swim’ or ‘disappear’. You would probably be surprised how often this happens. Other common non-toilet function culprits are items that you may have sitting on the back of your toilet, or that you place there while you are in the bathroom. Things like: hair products, small bathroom storage containers, glasses, or even your cell phone! Believe it or not, that cap off of your hairspray can do a number on your toilet plumbing. These clogs can lead to your toilet overflowing, or even possibly requiring that you replace your toilet.

Bathroom sink clogs

Bathroom sink clogs

Like your shower, this often occurs when things like hair and soap scum collect in your drain pipe. However, other things like toothpaste and other personal care products you use can also contribute to bathroom sink clogs. These clogs lead to water backing up in your sink, causing it to not drain properly.

Kitchen sink clogs

Kitchen sink clogs generally occur when pieces of food rinsed off your dishes collect in your drain and create a blockage. Grease can also be a contributing culprit to kitchen sink clogs. These blockages are not only annoying but can be extremely smelly as well. Like bathroom sink clogs, these clogs will lead to water not properly draining in your kitchen sink.

DIY Plumbing Fixes

There are all kinds of fixes for common plumbing problems that you may be inclined to try before calling a plumber. However, it is important to remember that many of these can cause more harm than good. Many store-bought drain clog removers can actually damage your pipes, while not even being successful at removing the clog. And you definitely do not want to risk causing more damage. A drain snake is a great product for your sinks and tubs, as it can help you dislodge clogs in these piping systems. A toilet plunger can help you dislodge clogs in your toilet. Both of these products you can find at most stores and are great items to have on-hand but make sure that you know how to properly use them. If you cannot remove the clog with a simple drain snake or plunger, it is best that you contact a plumber to ensure that the issue is properly resolved.

Finding an Emergency Plumber

Finding an emergency plumber

When you are searching for an emergency plumber to work in your home, it is important to find a plumbing service that is available no matter what time it is. The amazing staff here at Norwalk/La Mirada Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, who has been providing reliable and quality work in the Orange County and LA County area for over 50 years, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We are experienced in all types of plumbing issues and are properly certified to assist you. For more information, to book an appointment, or to have us help with your emergency plumbing issue, please contact us at (562) 219-4085.

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