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Water Heater Safety Tips to Remember

December 23rd, 2020

Water heater safety tipsWater heater is a complicated piece of equipment that can be quite dangerous unless handled properly. Water heaters are common appliances used in most residential homes, commercial facilities and apartment complexes. They heat up the cold water pumping into a home that is later used for washing clothes, dishes, taking showers, etc. Many homeowners and renters do not even notice their water heater exists until it starts malfunctioning or worse – until it poses a threat to your entire household. In order to avoid some unpleasant surprises that have to do with your water heater operation, keep in mind the following water heater safety tips.

  1. Do Not Attempt to Install the Water Heater on Your Own

There are different types of water heaters from gas to electric but it is better not to install any of them yourself. In case with the electric water heater, its incorrect installation threatens to end up with faulty connection to the electrical wiring. As the result the consequences of such negligence can be deadly. Call a qualified and trusted professional to install the electric water heater at your home because ultimately the safety of your entire family is at stake. You might save a few bucks today but eventually spend more tomorrow on repairs.

2. Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves

All high-quality water heaters contain a temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve). In case if the pressure or temperature inside the water heater tank becomes too high, this safety valve releases water, preventing the plumbing emergency. However, if you have discovered a water leak, do not remove or plug T&P valve to stop the leak, follow the instruction manual and call a trusted plumber in case if you need to repair or replace your current valve. It is your responsibility to keep this T&P valve in proper working condition and maintain it regularly.

  1. Be Consistent in Maintaining and Cleaning your Water Heater

At least once a year flush your water heater. Water contains sediment and over time it will build up inside the tank, clogging valves and reducing water heater operating efficiency. It can cause premature tank failure, electric element failure, and increase heating bills.

Also keep the area around the water heater clean. Make sure dust, rubbish and any other flammable objects are removed from the area. Sweep and mop the area regularly to prevent any future dust accumulation.

An important maintenance step would also be to check (and replace if needed) the water heater sacrificial anode rod which keeps the inside of your tank from corroding.

  1. Lower Water Heater Temperature

If the water heater temperature is set too high, you run a risk of scalding yourself as well as damaging your water heater. However, it is crucial not to set the temperature lower than 120ºF because harmful bacteria can form and grow inside the water heater tank.

  1. Prevent Bug Intrusion but Do it Wisely

Many residents may experience bug problems, especially during summer months.  In summer bug bombs are usually applied in the house to prevent the bug intrusion. Before setting off any foggers or bug bombs at home, make sure that the pilot light on your water heater is off and that the gas line is closed completely. These bug fighting tools are extremely flammable and when they come in contact with an open valve on the water heater, they can cause a fire or explosion. So be wise when it comes to using them.

So as a business or home owner you should be aware of potential hazards that have to do with operating your water heater. The occurring water heater problems should not be neglected and whenever a serious issue occurs with your water heater, call our reputable and experienced plumbing contractor – Norwalk Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning – and we will be more than happy to troubleshoot your plumbing issue. We can also come up with the annual maintenance plan for your water heater to ensure its long-lasting service. Do not hesitate and give us a call today!

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