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What to install – AC or HVAC? Pros / Cons, Differences

December 23rd, 2020

AC and HVAC research isn’t exactly fun, but when deciding which one to choose, it’s crucial to understand the differences and benefits of these systems that can keep your home cool and comfortable in the future.

AC and HVAC researchHVAC and AC are two acronyms often used on our website; first, let’s see what they both mean.

AC simply stands for air conditioning while HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. There is a slight difference between the two systems – AC is generally the system that cools the air at your home and HVAC is the system that does either the heating or cooling, or both plus it helps to maintain good indoor air quality. Basically, central AC is a small portion of the entire HVAC system.

Since there are certain differences between central AC and full HVAC systems, when it comes to choosing between the two, it is a really big decision to make. Obviously, the climate of the area where you live matters – you need to think whether it is truly worth it to install the full feature HVAC or basic central AC will suffice. Cost is another important factor to consider – HVAC unit costs much more than the basic central AC. However, if you can afford the HVAC system while your conditions and surroundings permit it, the full HVAC would be a great option. But if you live in a hot and sunny region where winter practically doesn’t exist, then the obvious choice would be the basic central AC unit.

Top 8 Benefits of an Effective HVAC System


Heating and cooling take over 50% of the energy used in the typical home. It’s imperative that you as a homeowner would make smart decisions about your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. You can decrease the amount of money you pay on utility bills and increase your comfort at the same time. 

The following are top 8 benefits of installing a new high efficiency HVAC system:

  1. Cost savings. Replacing an older system with a high efficiency one can save literally thousands of dollars in fuel costs.
  2. Comfort control. Contemporary HVAC systems are easier to control – you can maintain optimal temperatures at a more constant level; the system will provide more stable air flow and offer greaterhumidity control compared to older systems.

    Effective HVAC system

  3. Programmable thermostats. Homeowners can significantly save in energy costs just through the use of a programmable thermostat.
  4. Upgraded filtration system. It will prevent mold, creating a nicer and healthier breathing environment.
  5. Peaceful and noiseless. The high-tech sound absorbing materials in modern HVAC systems keep operating noise to a minimum.
  6. Longer time of service. Upgraded HVAC units usually last longer if they are properly maintained.
  7. Environmental benefits. High efficiency HVAC units use three times less fuel in comparison with older models, which means less waste and better conservation of natural resources.
  8. Increased resale value. Installing a high efficiency HVAC system raises the value of your home and in case if you ever decide to sell your property, may even help you sell it faster.


The Benefits of Air Conditioning System

Benefits of AC system

The benefits of AC system go far beyond making the person comfortable. Lots of activities in summer would be impossible without cooling of the air. But besides cooling and improving air quality, there are more advantages to using AC. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Better sleep at night. Usually if your AC unit operates at night, you can keep the windows closed, consequently the noises from the outside won’t be heard and you’ll sleep better if you are a light sleeper.  
  2. Reduction of thermal and heat shock during the summer. It is not summer yet but the temperatures are sometimes unbearably hot even now. Even in the shade one feels extremely warm. AC units save us from hot summer temperatures, reducing the risk of thermal shock.
  3. Healthier work environment. AC helps to create a more productive working environment.
  4. AC is important for modern medicine and patient care. Patients that feel comfortable in the cooled facilities and receive good quality air are prone to recover faster. AC systems (in case if they are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis) also keep bacteria and infections from spreading throughout a hospital or care facility.

Considering all the described benefits of AC and HVAC systems, it is still up to you as a home or business owner to decide what option will suit you best. However, accurate installation and regular maintenance is also important. Accurate installation guarantees fewer repairs in the future and regular maintenance reduces fuel consumption, keeping carbon monoxide from polluting your home. Our professional technicians from Norwalk/La Mirada Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure that your AC or HVAC system runs at peak efficiency for many years to come. Contact us today!


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